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21 February 2019   
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 Equine Ailments
  African Horse
  Aural Plaques
  Bog Spavin
  Botulism Poisoning
  Bruised Sole
  and Frog
  Bursal Strains
  and Injuries
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  Capped Elbow
  Capped Hock
  Cracked Heel
  Cushing's Disease
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  Equine Herpes
  Virus (EHV)
  Equine Infectious
  Anaemia (EIA)
  Equine Influenza
  Equine Viral
  Filled Legs
  Grass Sickness
  Head Shaker
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  Locking Patella
  Mud Fever
  (greasy heel)
  Navicular Disease
  Nose Bleeds
  Pedal Ostitis
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  Ringbone and
  Sarcoid Tumour
  Seedy Toe
  Sore Shin
  Stringhalt or
  Sweet Itch
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  (nettle rash, hives)
  Wind Diseases
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Equine Ailments - A to Z

Lymphangitis - Inflamed lymphatic vessels and usually lymph nodes, caused through infection in the lymph vessels and tissues of the lower (usually hind) legs, resulting in hot and painful swelling and lameness. Swelling might be localised and liquid may ooze from the skin at the seat of the infection when an abscess is forming, or otherwise it may be general swelling affecting the lower leg, which if untreated will creep higher up the leg into the groin. Lymphangitis may be a complication of mud fever, filled legs or an untreated injury. Treatment - diuretics, antibiotics and/or anti-inflammatory drugs may be prescribed to relieve the condition. Apply locally, hot fomentations for an hour, two or three times a day, taking care to rub the leg dry afterwards. Later give walking in hand exercise twice daily or better still frequently for 10 minutes.

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