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21 February 2019   
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Shetland Pony - Known as the Sheltie
The Shetland Pony is the smallest of all pony breeds and in relation to size the strongest. Though its origin is uncertain records of its existence in the Shetland Isles north of Scotland date back many centuries to the Bronze Age. It is believed they might be related to the ancient Scandinavian ponies as the Shetland Islands were joined to Scandinavia until the end of the last Ice Age.
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The Causes of Colic in Horses Including the Symptoms and the Need For ActionColic - The term "colic" means pain in the abdomen and it is ..
The Importance of Choosing Good Bedding for HorsesCoughs in horses are usually due to allergic reactions to stable dust, mites, mould and..
The Rescue of the Lipizzaner Horses A personal account written by Colonel Charles Hancock Reed
Horse Breeding myths Do mares absorb embrios?
The International League for the Protection of Horses (ILPH) Every day thousands of horses around the world suffer

Lipizzaners at Piber
Where the Spanish School of Riding breed their horses. These two youngsters are resting after work in the sand school. Since 1920 the Lipizzaner horses remaining to the Republic of Austria, are bred in Piber.

Here they develop their natural paces high on the mountain pastures, similar to the Carso homeland of centuries ago. Developing their surefootedness and living in harmony with nature.

Free Monthly Competition
June's competion winner was croeso

The prize was an ORIGINAL SKETCH of a Knabstrup Horse signed by the artist Kathryn Dalziel and mounted.
The Knabstrup
One of the characteristics of the Knapstrup is its interesting colouring, for example, white body hair with all over dark spots. This eye-catching combination, together with remarkable learning abilities and a good temperament have made it a popular choice as a performer in the circus.
The Barefoot System
The development of barefoot hoof care has become an alternative to traditional horseshoes. Known as the Strasser Method, as it was developed by..
The Causes of Colic in Horses
Our site expert Kathryn won Expert Author status on the Ezine Articles website with this great article about Colic.
Last Angel equine defence are a small non-profit horse rescue organisation in East Devon who are always looking for experienced homes for rescue horses. They also help those people who can no longer keep their horse.

History of the Horse - Eohippus

From the first early browsers to a timid, hare like creature the size of a small dog. Read about the turning point in the evolution of equids about 20 million years ago when the dense forests of North America gave way to more open grassland.

Know your Poisonous Plants
These three are all potentially DEADLY. See our complete listing of 55 poisonous plants all with clear pictures to help you identify them.

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